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       Available for you!  805-705-2451  (Offering phone sessions and in-person sessions considered)  [email protected]  Office in Santa Rosa, CA

Whatever I have to say about myself, and plenty of that follows, this process is about you! It starts and ends with you. It's about you experiencing a safe, contained and confidential relationship. It's about what you bring to your sessions, what resonates with you, how you understand the uniqueness of your concerns. It's about your particular way of looking at your life's journey. This work is about your experience of yourself and what is working and not working for you and your relationships. 

My task is to meet you, using my training and experience, where you are as we mutually consider new possibilities and perspectives. Therefore, in different ways I will be exploring your journey with you depending on where you are in each session. I will be exploring, as they might arise from you, some of the following:

What are the ideas, stories, imaginings, feelings and behaviors you are living by? Are they adequate for you as an individual and for your relationships? Or are they providing obstacles to you fulfilling your unique goals for your life? Have they become even painful and difficult to live with in the present?

What alternatives might there be for you? How do we discover those possibilities? How does paying attention to symptoms such as anxiety or depression, along with attending to dreams, day dreams, thoughts and feelings and imaginings about ourselves reveal other possibilities for living? Does, for example, a downward and inward imaginal move enable us to move forward in our lives?

These are some of the questions that a Jungian analyst, such as myself, or more broadly a depth psychology approach to psychotherapy may come to address, if only implicitly, as part of the psychotherapeutic relationship?

I engage therapeutically with you in a mutual, friendly conversation for the purposes of identifying patterns, both conscious and unconscious, that may add or detract from your potential for living a fulfilling life. 

As a certified Jungian analyst, in addition to my training as a psychotherapist and couples counselor, I look to the periphery of our awareness for those patterns. There we may find clues for what is no longer working in the present and images of what might be calling you forward into new possibilities.

Depth psychology explores the yet to be known through working with unconscious material, such as dreams, symptoms, images, underlying patterns and emotions. Those not so obvious factors may be influencing and even distorting individual and relational living.

Some incident, thought, image, or feeling has perhaps motivated you to reach out. Perhaps you feel anxious, or depressed, or traumatized? Perhaps just confused about next steps? There is a continuum of possibilities.

There may be, for example, grief from loss, anxieties, depression, fears, loss of self esteem, loss of confidence, relationship concerns surrounding gender issues, sexuality concerns, reactions to health issues, aging concerns, spiritual struggles, or identity issues (Just who am I meant to be?) - to name only a few.

Often people seek to work on themselves during times of transition:  losses, separations, divorcing, breaking up, changing careers, facing frightening health issues. 

Whatever motivates your inquiry, I provide a relational container for you to work on yourself. I draw on many different ways to help you work on your concerns with my training and experience. In addition to my formal educational training in theology, as a Jungian analyst and marriage family therapist, I use other approaches depending on your situation.

My role as a psychotherapist is to help you work with what is emerging for you in your life at any particular time. Together, we open ourselves to those more than conscious influences, while not discounting the conscious ego and important relational issues. 

Experienced:  Thirty plus years of counseling experience doing individual counseling as a Jungian analyst, and individual and couples counseling as a licensed Marriage Family Therapist.

I've been a Certified Jungian analyst since 1974 having trained at the New York Institute, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist since 1989.

Educated:  Three graduate degrees in psychology and theology and a Diploma as a Jungian analyst, Certified by New York and San Francisco Jung Institutes. (See resume for further information.)

Recognized:  Certified Jungian analyst, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Research Psychoanalyst under California Medical Board, Professor, former first Provost of Pacifica Graduate Institute and core faculty member for some 18 years, author, member International Association of Analytical Psychologists.

I wish you the very best in your own journey. I'd welcome your inquiry about working together.

 Charles Asher 

Phone:  805-705-2451 Email: [email protected] Office:  633 Cherry Street, Santa Rosa, California 95404































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